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United States
I'm a 34 year old self taught traditional artist (aside from a couple life drawing classes), and I am currently working as a contract artist for Safari Ltd. sculpting, painting and doing a tiny bit of design work for them (spring 2015 to present), and I am also a independent toy maker on the side working on my own franchise.

I do know some digital art in Photoshop and Zbrush (and love it so far!), but I haven't been able to invest the time into furthering my ability with it yet since my main work demand is still traditional. It's something I really want to make time for though as soon as I'm able, as I really enjoy it and don't want to be pigeon holed as a traditional artist only.

Life has gotten extremely busy for me so I haven't been as active on here as I used to be. If you want to buy any of my personal independent work, I list it in two different stores! Pendants can be found in my etsy shop here -->… And my independent toy work can be found in my Storenvy here --> . The fastest way to contact me is by email at as I am not on Deviant Art as much anymore. God bless!

  • Listening to: Dad's music (that he made)
  • Reading: My comic
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Tomb Raider (deathmatches with meh' brit)
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Hey guys,

Sorry for being a stranger...just when I don't think life can get any busier or distracting, it does :P. This will be a brief update along with a link to 3 songs my dad wrote, played, and composed!

Currently I am working as a contract artist for Safari Ltd. I am sculpting various animals/creatures, and once approved my sculpts get sent off to a foundry that makes resin prototypes. Those then get sent back to me, I paint one, and then ship them off to Safari Ltd. ! It's a great challenge having to sculpt different animals every couple of weeks, I am loving it! It's great to have such variety in my job! Since I'm still adapting to this work flow and type of work, my free time is near non this is why posts asking me for pendants or figures are not getting replied to, why my etsy shop is still closed, and why I can't reply to all of the notes I get. I apologize but I am just one person doing a bit too much. My Safari sculpts will probably not be released as toys in stores until 2017, but I don't know for sure. Once they are announced though I will share photos of my sculpts, and painted prototypes! :) This is why I am not posting much here; Because the majority of my recent work I can't share yet.

For personal art I am still pushing forward with my Amusing Mini Paranormals project, but I'm looking to expand it into being "Amusing Monstrous Paranormals". The goal is to move away from resin mini figures for the most part, and take a path of making action figures instead, and a comic. If those succeed I may even be able to go back and get the minis produced into PVC (I hate casting, but still love minis, so I'm not stopping them for good!). Thus the "Amusing Monstrous Paranormals" name alteration. If I succeed with action figures/comics, I VERY MUCH want to make a AMP videogame. Something extremely entertaining and not too complex (no RPG or MRPG stuff or anything, it would be an action adventure game). The videogame is a pipe dream for now, but it's one I feel is very possible at the same time. So far I have a 31 page comic book written for a first issue, and I'm hoping to begin drawing it soon as I get better at completing my contract work faster, freeing up my time. I have also started a Big Rad Wolf action figure's head sculpt...still VERY early, I'm just roughing out the symmetry mainly. Once finished he'll be 3 or 4 inches tall (slightly bigger than the mini figure).

At the moment the plan for the action figure is to have it made through Onell Design, and have it be compatible with the glyos universe. I am not sure when, but the goal is to get this made overseas into PVC when it's all done. I most likely will not be offering any resin versions for sale. For some cool independant toys made by a very talented and kind Matt Doughty, check out the Onell Design site! . Matt is being very kind in helping mentor me through the action figure process :).

In other AMP news, my dad is an extremely talented musician and is helping with my AMP world! He's a songwriter, guitar player, and composer! I asked him if he would be willing to do some music for my Amusing Monstrous Paranormals universe. I explained the videogame is only a pipe dream, and for all I know it could happen in a few years or twenty, but no matter what I want the music score to be his work. I'm a big fan of soundtracks to games and film, and if I succeeded in an AMP game I would not want anyone else to do the songs. He was completely on board with doing this, and will be lending his fantastic guitar skills, and composing talent to Amusing Monstrous Paranormals! For now he has some personal songs he has given me to use, and soon he'll be writing/playing/composing some stuff specifically for AMP! What I've done is made video files (just with a still of my artwork), and uploaded 3 of his songs to youtube! Please check them out, like them, and subscribe as I'll be uploading his songs as he makes them. His guitar work is so good! Let us know what you think, and I can pass on your words to him :)

One thing that may happen sooner using his when my comic is done, I want to do a video version going through the panels, with his music playing in the background. I have no idea how long this will take to accomplish since I am bogged down, but at least I have an entire issue written, and refined. A few people close to me have read it and enjoyed it, I feel I have a strong story brewing! It may take a while, but I will make it readily available once it's done. 

Thanks for reading guys!



Me and my awesome boyfriend
I have been VERY inactive on this site for the past year or so mostly due to being extremely busy with contract assignments, so I'm not even sure who all is still paying attention to my rare uploads here...but for the few who are this photo is just kinda a "I'm doing great!" update for anyone who cares. Life's been rough for me over the years and some of you have seen that more than happy stuff. So here's some happy stuff :)

I've been single for years, and just this spring (2016) met Frank on Facebook through another friend. It's been lonely and frustrating for a long time for me, and I know tons of people have been through the same thing...sometimes meeting the right person is like finding a needle in a stack of needles! Some of you REALLY know what I'm talking about, and have been through way worse. But hey, pain is pain, it's not fair to compare.

I prayed very hard this new years that things would change and boy have they....God practically catapulted Frank at me out of the blue, and I am so happy! This feels extremely stable too unlike past relationships. For anyone reading who's still single, and sick of being single...if you can find it in your heart to give the loneliness to God, and ask Him to bring someone into your life, He'll hear you and He'll answer the prayer in HIS timing. The relationship I'm in now...I'm 34 and I've wanted this type of relationship (no drama, and just full of love, romance, and security) since I was 18, sometimes it takes years. So be patient. For those reading this who don't believe in God, you can totally ignore me, I'm just sharing what I believe to be real (no hateful or rude comments please). 

As for the photo itself...I'm not supposed to be a character, my mom just sewed me a very cool dress that's a cross between a costume and modern clothes. Frank's dressed as Hook from Once Upon a Time though (and I'm not complaining ;) ). The photo was taken in New Hampshire by Lake Winnipesaukee . I have a pirate costume too, but I couldn't bring it on the plane with me, this was easier to take with.
Crested Gecko Moonglow FOR SALE!
This is one of my most recent pendant designs. I absolutely love crested geckos! Yes I know the "moonglow" morph is a myth, this is kinda poking fun at that...while at the same time being a very cool glow in the dark crested gecko pendant! They can be found in my shop, here-->… . If it's showing as inactive or sold out shoot me a message through etsy, you cna message me here in a note through DA but I am not on here much anymore. These pieces sell out every time I put them up for sale, so get them while you can!

I cast these from my original sculpt in an insanely durable polyurethane resin, and mix glow in the dark pigment into the pre cured resin! Afterward I apply a black paint wash to make the details pop, and then apply a protective gloss clear coat! The glow in the dark white pigment is some of the coolest glow powder I have come across...I love it!
Pirate costume! Photo taken 6,25,2016
New costume! Roughly based off Milah from Once Upon a Time (not cosplaying her though, her character is too horrible of a person, lol)

My mom sewed this gorgeous costume! She is SO talented! The hat, and leather vest I bought at Ren Fair, I sculpted/molded/cast the medallion (I have some for sale here ->…), and I glued like 100 or more swovarski studs to the sleeves of the blouse! I may actually change up the costume and wear it with a half corset instead of this vest though (how it's meant to be worn). Amazingly Joanne's had a almost identical pattern of her outfit without claiming to be a Once Upon a Time pattern. It's weird because I THINK she only wears it in ONE episode when she gets killed. For anyone interested who's actually reading my babble here, here's a shot of Milah to show what I'm talking about-->…

As a little girl growing up I always loved pirate stuff! I was obsessed with the old Sinbad movies, I had bath toys, lego pirates, I loved Wesley, and still do :P... (AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts) in the Princess Bride, I loved The Pirates of Darkwater cartoon when I was like 9, and the film Hook (I watched that over and over...the one with Dustin Hoffman, and Robin Williams). But then the Pirates of the Caribbean films hit and  I got put off. I literally forgot I liked pirate stuff until a few months ago, LOL! I like those films now but it was just so in my face everywhere that I got sick of it. 

My appreciation for the over-romanticised theme (seriously pirates were probably disgusting in reality!) got rekindled by the ABC show Once Upon a Time. I absolutely LOVE the wardrobe in that show...and I LOVE Captain Hook! The casting is just fantastic, everyone does such a great job. Basically thanks to Hook being such a cool character, my memory healed, and I can enjoy pirate-y stuff again, lol.
Treasure of the Deep FOR SALE!!
Brand new design! This piece is very bold, unique, and very detailed. With how popular nautical themed costuming is, I was very surprised when I couldn't find anything sea serpent related while putting together a pirate costume for myself. I decided to do something about that! These are a perfect final touch for your Labyrinth Ball of Jareth, Renaissance Faire, Pirate festival, cosplay, or Halloween costume! You can find them for sale in my shop here ->…

Sorry I haven't been posting much guys! Contract work is keeping me so busy I have almost no time for personal work currently, but I'll try to post a little more regularly...and I should be able to share some of my contract projects by 2017, and 2018 as they are publically announced. 



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Happy birthday, Angela! ^_^Red Velvet Cake 
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Magnificent sculpting work...I just love it, specially the Pyramid Head and the Resident Evil monsters
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