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February 15, 2011
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Misha Collins autograph by Meadowknight Misha Collins autograph by Meadowknight
Just a scan...

I wanted to post this to share with my friends on here :). Misha signed this for me last weekend at the Supernatural convention out in LA (February 11th-13th). Guy is a total character, lol...his panel was a blast. My friends and I also got to sit with him later that night for a couple minutes at the desert party. He signed my centerpiece as well...he sat down right next to me (yay! lol), and pulled it closer to take a better look. He told me I deserved the win :). Very cool little experience! Castiel is my favorite character on Supernatural, tied with Dean Winchester. Both are great characters in entirely different ways, so I can't decide. I love how Misha handles his role though, Cass is the only "angel" character I've ever liked in any show or film. Very unique character, and very unique actor.

I'm hoping to make a detailed Castiel figure one of these days, hopefully sooner than later. If I can get a good enough handle on the program soon, I may even digitally sculpt him, and have the figure printed out for me to mold. We shall see. Misha does allot of charity stuff, and was auctioning off a couple of set chair backs (cloth backs) at the end of his panel. When I make a Cass figure, I'm going to give him one to keep, along with another one or two for him to auction for charity. I can't donate any money but I can donate my art. He could also sign the base of the figure as well. Someone bought the little cloth set chair back for $ I figure he could sell a Castiel figure of mine for a high price.
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justinedarkchylde Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012   Traditional Artist
Since your Dean Winchester Sculpture was gorgeous, (as are your Dean figures)I'd just like to say, I believe any Castiel figure of yours would be equally gorgeous. @_@ -is lurking the Dean sculpture pic with a sense of horrible acquisitiveness-
Meadowknight Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
Lol, thanks for the kind words! :)

I've sorta lost interest in Supernatural over season 7 though unfortunately...I don't like how they've been twisting biblical themes so horribly. Castiel was sorta becoming my favorite character...then they turned him into "God". Then my friend told me she saw a scene where he was pretending to be like Jesus? That completely put me off of the character and series :(. As a Christian I feel Jesus is someone who should be respected, and not twisted and depicted loosely in this really put me off. I still like the older seasons, I just wish they hadn't twisted these themes so poorly. The show has been taking itself too seriously I think too, I miss the "fun" of the series. And now they're saying Castiel is dead? So, whatever...I've lost track, lol. I've seen a couple episodes in this season, and it's either monster of the week (which is okay I guess), or over the top ANGST/taking itself too serious. I may do some digging or ask someone what the deal with Castiel was though, maybe the show wasn't really depicting him as God, but he was just on a power kick like Lucifer or something. But tampering with that subject matter still makes me uncomfortable, because I start wondering what (the real) God is thinking of these scripts, lol.

Thank you for the kind words on my work though, I'm just not sure if I'll ever go back to doing any Supernatural related fan art. I've lost any inspiration I had before, I'm not sure if it will come back.
justinedarkchylde Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012   Traditional Artist
I too, greatly dislike the season 7. _All_ of it so far. I'm also supremely disappointed with the things they did to Castiel. He should have been made an archangel and they should have brought God into it in a more present, active way.

What they did do, does not mean I hate the character; it just means I secretly want to shiv the writers who decided to butcher his characterization.

As such, if anyone ever makes Supernatural figures, I generally lurk their sites like white on rice.

Even when they're not as good as yours.

One question. Do you still have the cast/mold of Dean Winchester? And do you still plan to sell them in the future (painted or unpainted)? Because yours were seriously the _best_ sculptures of him I've seen so far.
Meadowknight Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
Hey again!

Yeah I am not happy with what the writers are doing at all. I think it got too far away from what made it great when Kripke left (I believe he left after season 5...which is when it started it's decline). It was never meant to go beyond 5 seasons, but it was so popular they sorta gave the fans what they wanted...but in doing so were really milking it. Hollywood needs to keep biblical themes out of shows unless it's going to be 100% true to the Bible, otherwise it's either offensive or stupid (or both, lol). They either need to portray God as good & ALL powerful, or at least with some respect...not like some absentee dad. I think what could have worked is if they had demons and angels...with some fighting between the two and some interaction...but kept anything deeper a mystery, and kept God an object of goodness/power/respect...and kept the main story more simple on the Winchester family. It tried to get too big, and lost it's grip on what made it so fun and cool.

Thanks for the compliment on my figures! :) I almost worked for their studio too, to make official figures (I got approval by Eric Kripke and everything, cause the studio doesn't like the official figures, lol!!)...but there was a bunch of crappy issues with their merchandise company not renewing their license, unfortunately it never went anywhere. I got to see the studio and everything though! So that was neat (this was when the show was still strong).

The issue with my figure is...the mold is dead (it got warped over time..silicone molds don't last). And I have no castings left. Silicone is super expensive, and so is resin (and I'm out of both). I have the original sculpt I can make another mold from, but I can't afford the supplies right now and I'm about to take a couple month break from traditional artwork to focus on digital. If for some reason I end up doing more Supernatural art, it will probably be digitally (a digital sculpt that I could 3D print). And it would look even better than my current one since my sculpting ability has improved. But I'm so let down by the show it may not happen now. If I do remake the mold of the original figure, I'll have to charge more money for the castings than before...because they simply take too much time and supplies to be worth the effort (like $300.00 for a fully painted one, or $200.00 for a plain casting)...and I'm unsure if people will pay that. I do have a little chess piece left though in a red wash...that I could sell for $35.00 if you were interested (I almost got approval by the studio to do a full chess set! but noooo...merchandise licensing issues *sigh*).
justinedarkchylde Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012   Traditional Artist
Your work is a lot better than many figures I've seen, so I'm not surprised that Kripke agreed to it, but the whole failure of merchandise company is just plain depressing.

I'm sorry to hear about the mold being dead, and you're right, I doubt I could afford $200 or anything higher than that.

I am interested in any good figures (including chess pieces) of Dean, but I don't have the money available right now, and won't for a very, very long time, which was one of the reasons I was asking if your molds were intact. DX Sorry if I bothered you by asking about it.

...I'm not even going to touch the bible issues. I don't believe some of the stuff in the bible anymore because of the multiple translations it's gone through, but even with that, I think they portrayed Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel all wrong and what they did, making God absent, was just plain wrong. I mean, I like the show, but I disagree with a lot of the stuff they did with it and consider it to be a construct, essentially for entertainment.
Meadowknight Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
Well thank you again for the compliments :)!

Yeah I have to charge for my time with all the casting stuff. Silicone alone is like $150-to over $200 to get enough for a big figure like that, then it's about $50-$60 for resin, THEN it's a few days labor to make a completed piece. So when it comes to larger figures, unless I charge $300.00 I'm barely being paid for my time :(. Resin also wears out molds fairly fast. And it's alright, I appreciate the interest in my stuff! If you decide you want to buy the chess piece at some point...feel free to ask me later on. I may still have it, or have a casting available. As for the larger figure, I'm really unsure.

Yeah the bible stuff...I have heard again and again people not believing it because of translations. Some of those are just translating things like "thous" and such to modern words for us to understand, but all of the same meanings are there. Thee are what's called denominations like freaky Assemblies of God, etc. stuff which I believe is wrong because it will focus on a specific area too much and/or leave things out. Personally I just believe in the holy Bible (regular one, with everything intact). But it really boils down to needing to read it for yourself to be exposed to the truth...the words really prove themselves, and I trust God has kept His word intact/truthful. Anything that may have evolved over time, is just for better understanding...but the regular holy Bible is still intact at the core. And no worries, lol....I'm not like a judgmental person, that's up to God! :P I agree with ya about how they messed this stuff up in the show...very lame.
justinedarkchylde Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012   Traditional Artist
Never knew Silicone and resin were so expensive. DX $300 is probably a month's wages over here, I'm sorry to hear you have to spend so much.
Thanks for explaining that to me.

Actually I disbelieve it because so many pieces of patriarchal crap got translated/put in there. Like the passages about slavery and the purported anti-gay stuff for instance.

Bugger those sideways with a sharp, pointy object.

As far as I'm concerned, about the only things I can now rely on in the Bible are the ten commandments, the beatitudes and the parts that talk about peace and loving one another.
da-parrot-masta Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
OMFG!!!!! I want one so BAD!!!!
Sasuke463 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
thats.... you have... I.... oh holy cas, Im jealous! xD
DarkSamuraiX1999 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
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