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April 20, 2010
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Werewolf Humor ANIMATION by Meadowknight Werewolf Humor ANIMATION by Meadowknight
NOTE: I just set this as my "featured" deviation"...because it's work I'm proud of even though it's simple and amateur...and I don't think many people on my DA know I did this since I do mostly sculpting! So here ya go :)...comments would be much appreciated, I know it's not perfect, but I'm not really an "animator", and this was my first real attempt. I still like it, and feel it portrays my original characters well though.


NOTE: If animation isn't smooth (this is a large file), let it play through once, on the second loop it should play fine! I viewed it on two different computers and that worked.

My completed midterm for Animation 101. This is my FIRST animated short with two original characters I created, who I'm writing a story/universe for. Please don't be overly critical as I'm just learning animation :). Comments are always VERY appreciated! I worked hard on this, and have my friend Star to thank for putting it together for me in Flash since I don't have that program. Thanks Star!

P.S. This is supposed to have sound, but not sure if that's possible to post on DA. My dad is a musician and I used one of his songs for this. If I can post the sound version I will.

Characters and story created by/Copyright Angela Pileggi (AKA AMP, Meadowknight). Please do not use this animation or anything from it without asking me first!
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LilyUnicorn May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
lol I love it! Nice background and characters too! :3
Oh that is just TOO priceless! I love that grin on his face!
Shapeshifter1967 Mar 1, 2012  Professional
Nice job :)
Honda-Mu Apr 21, 2010

nocomplys Apr 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist


This is excellent! for a 1st animation... this is impressive work! ... the art style still reminds me of old programs I grew up watching :)

Good stuff!

Thanks Dean!

It really kicked my butt, lol. We're starting our final now though..which will be a fight scene. It will probably be shorter than this one (MAYBE), but I'm going to TRY to paint the whole thing this time..instead of just a sketched look.

I was able to get out of the other class I hate my life is STARTING to un-stress a bit. I'll get to that e-mail of yours as soon as I can, been meaning to reply to it :). Thanks for keeping up with my DA!
DizzyLizzy101 Apr 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This is cute-- very nice. Out of curiosity, how didja do the background pan thing at the beginning? (I've never been able to figure that out..... T-T)
Thank you! XD

Well, I asked my animation teacher..abut also had to figure some of it out on my own. I had to redo the first batch of frames cause I messed up. What I ended up doing is...the back part with the moon is fixed, it's unmoving. The character is walking in place. Every time I put a new character frame on top of the last, I scoot the middle background layer going the opposite direction. So the character is moving in place as the background passes behind her. Does that make sense? there's also two middle background layers that I had to stick together so i could drag both once she passed fully through the first. That was done simply by locking one and testing if it dragged both together.

I hope that makes sense XD. It's very TIME CONSUMING to do it that way though, so I'll warn you, lol. I had 13 different drawings of the girl, and just kept repeating them until she covered the ground. Oh, and I put her near the middle of the frame so she would be in a god spot visually.
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